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All New Ultra-light Rammer

$2,895.00 Now $1,995.00

Electric Rammer PB78 110V

$4,155.00 Now $2,995.00

Electric Rammer PB98 220v

$3,988.00 Now $2,795.00

Power Rammer PB78 Honda 3hp

$3,298.00 Now $2,295.00

Power Rammer PB90

$2,995.00 Now $1,795.00

Power Rammer PB98 Honda 3hp

$2,998.00 Now $2,198.00

Rammer Foot Extension

$398.00 Now $299.00

*Note: Electric tools like Plate Compactors, Rammers, and Saws run best when supplied with adequate power. Industrial Grade extension cords are a necessity... consumer guage cords are likely to be undersized, unable to provide the flow of electricity needed for efficiant use. The resulting voltage drop from using too light a cord over too long a distance will result in high amperage draw and potential for overheating. We use 10 guage industrial grade cords and ask you to consider the same.