Vibratory Plate Compactors are a tremendously useful tool for countless construction projects: Our plates compactors are perfect for prepping a site prior to laying pavers or stone, tamping earth to the proper density for a concrete pour, finishing fresh asphalt, compacting blacktop patch areas and potholes and much more. Also known as a Shaker or Ground Pounder, the results are the same no matter the name.

Packer Brothers offers several sizes and weights; narrow tampers for trench applications and wide tampers for good production time. Power sources in our soil compactors are electric motor, gas, air and diesel. Also check out our reversible units!

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CLICK ON  OUTLET STORE for factory direct pricing!

CLICK ON  OUTLET STORE for factory direct pricing!

About Plate Compaction:

For general earth compaction, few pieces of equipment are as versatile as a vibratory plate compactor. It applies force by weight and settles particulates by aggressive vibration more than heavy ramming force. This action tends to collapse gravel and dirt together in a controlled fashion for a tighter base that is more likely to resist settling, frost heaving, and erosion.

Choose your plate compactor by value before price. An inexpensive machine that doesn’t give the desired result is not a good buy! A more expensive plate compactor that is too difficult to operate may waste time. Call us at Packer Brothers and discuss your needs inorder to get you into the best machine possible!

Plate compaction is often used to prepare surfaces for a final surfacing, be it concrete – asphalt – pavers – or crushed gravel. The size of the job and the material being compacted will determine which unit to choose. A light weight unit with a large plate spreads its force out over greater area and is easy to maneuver: conversely, a heavy weight unit with a medium sized plate will compact faster but can require more effort to run.

Keep in mind moisture content can affect your ease of compaction dramatically. Too much moisture in a silt-like dirt and it is more likely to pour than pack! Too little moisture and it’s dusty or powdery and resistant to plate compaction. Gravel bedding is less likely to be affected as much.

When more aggressive compaction is needed, or compaction in a trench is desirable... a powered rammer may be more suited for the job.

At Packer Brothers, we match the ideal sized motor to each piece of equipment we sell. Packer Brothers offers the option of selecting Loncin, Honda, or Subaru gas motors. For some applications we have diesel power plants from companies such as Hatz. We Specialize in electric driven machines powered with the reliability of Leeson Motors for jobs that have restrictions on noise and fumes. With no exhaust fumes, they're safe to run indoors!

*Note: Electric tools like Plate Compactors, Rammers, and Saws run best when supplied with adequate power. Industrial Grade extension cords are a necessity... consumer guage cords are likely to be undersized, unable to provide the flow of electricity needed for efficiant use. The resulting voltage drop from using too light a cord over too long a distance will result in high amperage draw and potential for overheating. We use 10 guage industrial grade cords and ask you to consider the same.

How big is big enough? We offer Plate Compactors weighing from approximately 120lbs to 700lbs. Whereas a large reversible compactor may make short work of a driveway, a compact - portable unit that is easy to lift is preferred for many detailed landscaping projects.

Other factors to consider would be weight vs. plate size. A light weight compactor with too large a plate spreads its compaction force over too wide an area to be effective. Conversely, too heavy a machine on a small plate will sink readily and be difficult to move.

Consider the job(s) you most commonly need a plate compactor for and base your selection on that. If you'd like guidance on selecting the correct size, call us or use our contact form.

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Hydraulic Reversible Plate Compactor PB680-H

$9,995.00 Now $6,395.00

Packer Brothers Roller - Packer Convertible

$2,714.00 Now $2,195.00

Plate Compactor PB137-Honda

$1,928.00 Now $1,695.00

Plate Compactor PB184e 110V Electric

$3,900.00 Now $2,795.00

Plate Compactor PB137-Electric

$3,050.00 Now $2,295.00

Plate Compactor PB176 Honda

$1,997.00 Now $1,598.70

Plate Compactor PB176-Subaru

$1,997.00 Now $1,598.70

Round Base Plate Compactor PB180 Xtreme

$3,195.00 Now $2,195.00

Plate Compactor PB184 220V Electric

$4,149.00 Now $2,895.00

Roller / Paver Compactor PB193 Subaru

$2,850.00 Now $2,195.00

Plate Compactor PB214 Honda

$2,297.00 Now $1,799.00

Plate Compactor PB214 Subaru

$2,297.00 Now $1,799.00

Plate Compactor PB22

$1,992.00 Now $1,395.00

Plate Compactor PB220 Honda

$2,135.00 Now $1,495.00

Rev. Plate Compactor - Diesel PB38R-D

$6,687.00 Now $5,015.25
Yes+ $287.00

Reversible Plate Compactor PB33R Honda

$5,995.00 Now $3,495.00

Reversible Electric Plate Compactor PB33R 220v

$4,995.00 Now $3,995.00

Hydraulic Reversible Plate Compactor PB570H

$7,995.00 Now $5,895.00

Reversible Plate Compactor PB747 Subaru

$7,548.00 Now $5,395.00

Reversible Plate Compactor PB747 Diesel

$6,995.00 Now $5,795.00