Concrete Mixer & Concrete Vibrators: Packer Brothers manufactures a wide range of backpack vibrators, water trash pumps and more. Our backpack cement vibrators are very comfortable and great for vibrating the stone and aggregate down the form or wall.  Powered By: Honda and Subaru Gas engines, asell as the Leeson Electric motor for fume free indoor use.

Concrete Mixer PB2600 8CF Electric

$3,528.00 Now $3,195.00

Concrete Mixer PB2600 8CF Honda

$3,528.00 Now $3,295.00
Yes+ $169.00
Yes+ $189.00
Yes+ $149.00
Yes+ $189.00

Lawn Aerator, Bulldog


Lawn Dethatcher


Mortar Mixer Portable

$3,695.00 Now $2,995.00

Sod Cutter - Bulldog Double

$487.00 Now $407.00

Sod Cutter - Bulldog Single

$407.00 Now $357.00

Water Pump PB2

$995.00 Now $596.00