Power Trowel & Screed manufactured by Packer Brothers can also be custom built for the concrete contractor. The small hand held screed is so easy to operate it almost works like magic. The large truss screed has been used in custom applications such as light-rail. Packer Brothers trowels (aka Helicopter) are available in Edger Trowel options to the normal full size float trowel. Our machines are versatile for use in cement finish work for screeding the crown off the fresh concrete pour. Packer Brothers manufactures trowels with Rapid-Shift handles offer quick pitch for the blades. Powered by Honda or Champ gas engines, as well as the Leeson Electric motor; perfect for indoor use, as it puts out no fumes.


Operation Tips for Power Trowels:

The Floating Operation must be done with the blades free of any cement. Blades must be in a flat position to the surface. The slab is ready for finishing when the operators footprints leave minimal impressions. Use a standard trowel followed by an edger trowel near walls and obstructions that cannot be reached by your power trowel.  When surface has set sufficiently, continue to the Finishing Operation.

The Finishing Operation is started after the floating operation is complete and the blades are cleaned.  Adjusting blade pitch with the tilt knob controller allows for unlimited variation to compensate for uneven hardness across the slab, as it may cure at varying rates. Start the pitch at approximately 1/4 inch for the first pass and continue increasing pitch on each following pass until desired finish is achieved.


Yes+ $2,995.00
Batteries Available for +$1,180.00
Fast Chargers for +$199.95
Batteries Available for +$1,180.00
Fast Chargers for +$199.95
Extra Batteries Available for +$1,180.00
Extra Charger +$199.95

PB65P 65" Twin 30"


PB Extreme3600


Power Screed PBSD Honda

Add 4' +$258.00
Add 6' Blade +$278.00
Add 8' Blade +$308.00
Add 10' Blade +$358.00
Add 12' Blade +$408.00
Add 14' Blade +$428.00
Add 16' Blade +$468.00

Edger Trowel PB24 Electric


Edger Trowel PB24 Honda


Power Trowel PB30 Electric


Edger Trowel PB30 Honda


Power Trowel PB46

Yes+ $125.00
Yes+ $199.00

Power Trowel PB36 Honda

Yes $0.00
Yes+ $240.00
5' Aluminum Blade +$264.00
6' Aluminum Blade +$314.00
8' Aluminum Blade +$364.00
9'9 +$419.00

Truss Screed PB37


Truss Screed PB27


Truss Screed PB16