Rammers & Tampers manufactured by Packer Brothers are made to withstand the abuse of the jobsite. From compacting soil, gravel to trench work the Packer Brothers rammer is the right choice. Powered by Honda, Subaru gas engines, to Leeson Electric 110v / 220v & the air motor we supply options. 


Our Tamping - Rammers are versatile compacting machines available in a variety of power sources.

"Jumping Jack" or "Ground Pounder" style rammers work by aggressively applying consecutive impacts to the surface of soil in order to level the uneven soil surface, to compact the soil uniformly so that the void among soil particles are minimized and to increase the dry density with moisture in the soil removed. Rammers are designed to compact loose soils and gravel to prevent settling and to provide a firm, solid base for the placement of footings, concrete slabs, foundations, gas piping works, water pipe works and cable backfill works, etc.

Be cautious operating a rammer not to use it: to drive pile foundations, on soil already excessively compacted, or steep inclines. An unbalanced rammer can be hazardous to operate.

Tamping Rammers are suitable for compacting cohesive clay, gravels, and for patching work on asphalt, etc.

PB72 Light Weight Rammer

$2,895.00 Now $1,995.00

Vibratory Roller PB388 Hydraulic

$7,571.00 Now $5,380.00

Packer Brothers Roller - Packer Convertible

$2,714.00 Now $2,195.00
* 1

Roller / Paver Compactor PB193

$2,850.00 Now $2,195.00
* Yes

Electric Rammer PB78E

$4,155.00 Now $2,995.00

Power Rammer PB78 Honda

$3,298.00 Now $2,295.00

Power Rammer PB90

$2,995.00 Now $1,795.00

Power Rammer PB98 Honda 3hp

$2,998.00 Now $2,198.00

Rammer Foot Extension

$398.00 Now $299.00

Electric Rammer PB98 220v

$3,988.00 Now $2,795.00