Walk-Behind Concrete Saws & Block Splitters manufactured by Packer Brothers are made from the ground up tough. Packer Brothers concrete saws have a rigid frame design to ensure a straight cut on your next cement slab. Saws blade options are 12" 14" 16" 18" to 26".

Specialty Saws:

  • Early Entry Saw for green concrete
  • Block Saw for large pavers or cement block
  • Random Crack Chaser. 

Saws Power Options:

  • Honda Gas Engines
  • Subaru Gas Engines
  • Leeson Electric motor (for fume free indoor use)

Packer Brothers floor saws have been specifically designed as the ideal machines for the professional contractor who is engaged in concrete and asphalt flat sawing.


The machines used are for the primary purpose of “flat” sawing. This type of sawing is described as “flat” because the pavement is cut somewhere close to a horizontal plane. It is the most common type of diamond blade cutting.

Most flat surface saws, by design, excel at cutting straight lines. The Packer Brothers Random Crack Saws are designed for smaller blades and have pivoting wheels to accommodate the opening up and repair of cracks with a higher degree of precision.  


Concrete saws from Packer Brothers are available in a variety of types, size and styles, they range from manual or self propelled in horsepower from 5.5-22hp. It is possible to cut both concrete ( green or cured, with or without rebar ) or asphalt with a concrete cutter. Our PB14 utilized for jobs requiring precision cutting including floors, pavements, walkways, ramps and other flat sawing applications.

You will find a cutter to fit a wide variety of job applications by asking for Packer Brothers first!

3-phase 10hp Electric Concrete Saws

$6,850.00 Now $4,795.00

Block Saw PB15B

$2,642.00 Now $1,995.00

Concrete Saw walk-behind PB14 Honda

$1,748.00 Now $1,295.00

Concrete Saw walk-behind PB16 Honda 13hp

$3,188.00 Now $2,395.00

Concrete Saw walk-behind PB18- H13

$3,228.00 Now $2,395.00

Concrete Saw walk-behind PB26

$6,359.00 Now $4,695.00

Concrete Saw walk-behind PB26 Subaru

$6,928.00 Now $5,295.00

Floor Scarifier PBFS

$3,249.00 Now $2,495.00

Green Cut Concrete Saw PB80

$2,483.00 Now $1,895.00

Paver Splitter


PB18 18" walk-behind concrete saw 13hp Honda GX390

$3,195.00 Now $1,845.00


$3,707.00 Now $2,595.00

Random Crack Chaser PBRC 11hp

$4,143.00 Now $2,995.00

Random Crack Chaser PBRC 14hp

$4,446.00 Now $3,195.00

Random Crack Chaser PBRC9

$3,923.00 Now $2,795.00

Walk-Behind Concrete Saw - Electric PB16E

$3,733.00 Now $2,995.00

 ** Although Packer Brothers does not normally  provide blades with the saws, we have found Drive Diamond Blades to be a supplier of good value **

*Remember: High quality electric saws deserve to be run with high quality cords. Using consumer grade cords that are too long and too light will not supply adequate electrical current to keep your saw running cool and fast as it should.