Shipping Rates                                                                          WARRANTY INFORMATION

PB 137120$99.95$129.95
PB 14128$99.95$129.95
PB 147143$149.95$194.95
PB 15B220$249.95$324.95
PB 16250$249.95$324.95
PB 176174$149.95$194.95
PB 18250$249.95$324.95
PB 180205$149.95$194.95
PB 184176$149.95$194.95
PB 193181$149.95$194.95
PB 214213$149.95$194.95
PB 22207$149.95$194.95
PB 220221$249.95$324.95
PB 2300700$299.95$389.95
PB 24151$149.95$194.95
PB 250254$249.95$324.95
PB 26650$299.95$389.95
PB 2600700$299.95$389.95
PB 30151$149.95$194.95
PB 33R310$249.95$324.95
PB 36168$149.95$194.95
PB 380387$249.95$324.95
PB 388388$249.95$324.95
PB 46190$149.95$194.95
PB 488 530$299.95$389.95
PB 570570$299.95$389.95
PB 747685$299.95$389.95
PB 78148$149.95$194.95
PB 80110$99.95$129.95
PB 90170$149.95$194.95
PB 98180$149.95$194.95
PB BP45$49.95$64.95
PB FS180$149.95$194.95
PB RC9300$249.95$324.95
PB S222$49.95$64.95
PB SD36$49.95$64.95
PB T16800$299.95$389.95
PB T29800$299.95$389.95
PB T39800$299.95$389.95

***Packer Brothers offers a Free 12 month limited warranty on all of our mechanical products.
Warranty coverage for the engines (Honda, Subaru, Leeson etc.) is separate and we will be happy to
assist you with their warranties.

Packer Brothers has the easiest warranty ever. Just ship the part covered by the warranty directly to Packer Brothers
 along with your contact information and we will ship you the new part.

**Our warranty covers defective materials but does not include replacing normal wear and tear
parts such as filters, plugs, paint, stickers, battery, recoil, throttle cable, carburetor
(because most problems with carburetors are due to bad gas, or adjustment)

*Parts not covered by warranty (broken or lost through misuse or accident) may still be affordably
replaced through our parts department.